Fake and Copying


  • Fakes aren’t just frowned on, they’re illegal. Selling fake and counterfeit goods is against the law.
  • The counterfeit goods industry funds crime, such as terrorism. If you part with cash for a fake, you are a part of the problem.
  • Fake goods have little or no quality control or standards. You have no idea of their provenance.
  • You will never look good in fake goods. Ever. It’s not fabulous. It’s not funny. It’s not fashion.


Babba  Marketplace is absolutely committed to protecting our buyers and sellers from counterfeit goods. Our team will constantly monitoring the site to make sure our buyers and sellers are protected.

We will;

  • Work as fast as possible to remove counterfeit goods from the site, and proactively remove suspicious items.
  • Help you to help yourself. We promise to help you identify the difference between a fabulous baby goods.


If you are caught selling counterfeit goods on Babba  Marketplace you will never sell here again and we have a responsibility to report you to the authorities.

Also if you have imitated another brand and copied there ideas you will also be removed. As people work hard to create something for someone to take there idea and say its there we will.